Becoming a Book Blogger? Tips and Tricks!

ARC – Advanced reader copy. A free, not-quite-final version of a book often distributed to reviewers or book convention attendees.

DRC – Digital reader copy. A free, not-quite-final ebook version of a book often distributed to reviewers or book convention attendees.

Okay, so most people approach this sort of post as “how to get followers”. I’m showing you how to get ARCs, However, I thought the title shouldn’t be “How to get ARCs!” The title I chose fits just fun and looks cool.
Sites for non-Christian readers:
Sites for Christian readers:
If you have questions about this paticular review site, it comes with an extensive help forum . I suggest you start out here: . It’s a bit confusing at first, but you can get a lot of ARCs from Edelweiss, so keep at it until you understand it.
This site is easy to navigate. You can get both Christian and non-Christian books from here. If you have questions, look here: . A few bits of advice though, from someone who has been there for awhile: 
Thomas Nelson Zondervan only approves one book at a time. Zonderkidz often only has protected PDFs. 
You can only get one book at a time from here, and all the non-Christian books are weird-sounding. It’s easy to use, and fun. 
Wait to join this one until you’ve been blogging for awhile. You have to have a minimum of 30 followers, so make sure that BookLook can check your follower account.
This is kind of like a blog tour type of thing. You get the book, read it, and then participate in the blog tour with your book review. It’s fun, and has emails delivered to your email inbox.
I don’t use this often, one because of the one month restriction. If you don’t post your review one month after getting the book, you could get kicked out. But it’s nice, because the offers on ARCs are delivered to your email inbox.
This program has the same restrictions as Bethany House’s. It’s done the same way as well, but has different books.
Okay, so most of what I have listed are sites where you can only get DRCs. On BloggingForBooks, BookLook, Litfuse, Bethany House, and Revell Reads, you can sometimes get the physical ARC. I don’t usually because I don’t live in the States. I know you want physical ARCs for your non-Christian books, like what you get on Edelweiss and Netgalley. I’m going to link some articles on this below, because I haven’t tried this myself. But how most people do this is they request the books straight from the publisher. 
Publishers are picky. You are more likely to get approved on sites like Netgalley if you keep your profile updated and blog often.
Keep your blog design(post text) easy to read. I have a simple blog design. Try and keep the follower count up pretty high on the side of your blog for publishers and BookLook.
Try to review books in a timely manner, preferably before they release. It builds hype, and helps the book sell.
Be cordial. Even if you don’t like a book, don’t just slam it. Talk about some things you did like. Be sure and put a disclaimer about how this is just your opinion and it shouldn’t command someone else’s.
Have a social media presence. Keep your facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr account, and etc. updated. Publishers are looking for rabid fans to get the news out. Not someone who never updates.
Be alert. Authors sometimes share about review oppertunities, so be in the correct groups and follow all of your favorite authors. Check regularly so you don’t miss anything!
Get a Goodreads account. Make friends! You’ll need their sagely advice. Book Blogging is hard work and you’ll need t
Follow Cait @ PaperFury. Study her reviews. DON’T COPY HER STYLE but try and draw inspiration from it. Honestly, sometimes it just helps to see how other people’s opinions flow across the page.
Steer clear of other opinions! I try to avoid a lot of opinions on a book because I soak up those opinions and my brain recycles them. Sometimes I only love a book because everyone else does. So try not to base your opinions on others’. Remember, you promised to be honest. 🙂
Writing reviews is hard. Don’t stress over it. I used to hate writing reviews. But just think about what you loved about the book. Try to keep to a 200-250 word minimum. Let the words flow.
Don’t beat yourself up. Keeping a book blog updated is hard work. Sometimes you’ll be late on a post. I used to update this blog once every few months just to say I was alive. Don’t think about your small amount of followers, or your inability to blog. Blog about what you love and it will flow. Sometimes you won’t blog and that’s okay.
Okay, there’s no right way to do all of this. But I’ve been doing it for awhile, so this is what I’ve learned. Keep on blogging.
Do you have anything to add? Any new review sites? Did this help you out? Comment below and include your blog link so I can check your blog out!

5 thoughts on “Becoming a Book Blogger? Tips and Tricks!”

  1. As I'm not a book blogger but rather a blogger who happens to read (and therefore blog about) a lot of books, I don't have any advice or such. But these sound like good tips for someone who does want to get into book blogging. (I don't because, while I like the idea of free books, I don't much like writing reviews and I'd rather be free to read whatever I want without worrying about reviewing it on time.)


  2. I understand that! It's a very stressful existence. I probably wouldn't have gotten into book blogging if I didn't live in Liberia. I don't always have money for new releases, so this is definitely an easy way to get them. But I wouldn't do it unless I could read fast.
    Thank you for stopping by!


  3. This is such an amazing post, and I completely agree with everything you've said. 🙂 Edelweiss, Netgalley, and Goodreads are the three platforms I use most to help me with blogging, and I don't know how I would survive without them. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous tips! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage


  4. OMG I JUST BUSTED OUT LAUGHING WHEN I SAW MY BLOG MENTIONED THERE. XD You are too wonderful, Ryebrynn. <333 Ahem. But anyway! This is a super helpful post with sooo many good tips. GOOD ON YOU for getting this altogether! I totally would've loved something like this when I started to flail awkwardly into ARC territory. Now I have them coming out of my ears and need a tutorial on HOW TO READ FASTER OR GROW 9 MORE EYEBALLS PROBABLY. XD Ahem.
    Anyway! Amazing resource post! I LOVE IT.


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