Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin

Julia Dare is trying to run her own business, raise her young son, Max, and help her widowed mother. Her biggest worry, though, is keeping Max’s father from being a bad influence while still allowing the boy to spend time with his dad. When an account from her event-planning business sends her to Caliente Springs resort, she’s shocked to encounter Zeke Monroe, her college sweetheart. 

Zeke is determined to keep Caliente Springs running despite financial trouble. When Julia walks back into his life, he’s surprised at the feelings she stirs up. As they work together on an important client’s wedding, the fate of the resort soon depends on their success. With Zeke and Julia both pushed to their limits, will their history put up walls between them or bring them together?

I’ve never related to a character that I have nothing in common with. Not like I related to Julia. It was unusual and I adored the experience. This book was an amazing introduction to Victoria Bylin’s writing. Which brings me to my next point! This was my first Victoria Bylin book and it was so good. I’m dying to read her other books when I have the time.
But hey. CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT FOR THIS COVER? It is just so gorgeous that my heart dies when I see it. Blues? Lights? Hammock? OH YES.
Victoria’s strong point is obviously – OBVIOUSLY – her characters. She crafts them so wonderfully that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them.
Plus—the plot was pretty fun. Planning a wedding in a month? Whirlwind romance? Evil ex? UM YES. This train of thought OF COURSE leads into another thing I loved about this story. THE EVIL EX. Hunter was despicable and slimy and I hated him. But that was the beauty of his character. He wormed his way in and then destroyed any chance of you liking him. The snake incident? I didn’t like him by then. But then the cocktail incident?? YES GET OUT OF THEIR LIVES HUNTER. OMW.
Sooo now I’m gonna dump for a second. I loved the romance. Yes, yes, yes. So much shipping. But it was a little fast? Yeah, I get it. Zeke and Julia had a history. But we didn’t read through the history then see them fall in love. It felt a little insta-lovey overall, but still good. It overcame the insta-love with its beauty.

Intimacy – Mild kissing. Innuendos.
Cussing – None.
Drinking – Some. A child is given a cocktail but it’s shown as bad and abusive.

Violence – Emotionally, kinda. But no one was super violent.

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