I’m Doing Camp NaNoWriMo!

so I decided last night that I would do Camp NaNoWriMo.
My summer project wasn’t getting done so I’m going to force myself to write the first 20k for Camp NaNoWriMo.
In case you missed my flailing in the monthly Writing Updates, my summer project is a fantasy novel inspired by Ancient Rome.
Anywayyy I thought I’d share my spiffy new synopsis that I whipped up at 3am last night. Also my cool cover. 🙂

In Castorus, you don’t want to be born a empree. Athena was cursed to be the eldest emporee. She spends her nights fighting off her jealous sisters, and her days preparing to become the Empress. In her soul she misses the kinship of her sisters and longs for someone—anyone—to be her friend.
Far away, on the same day of Athena’s birth, a coupe prays for another daughter and receives a son. He is, as they feared, paralyzed in his arm and blessed with telekinesis. Over the years they learn to hide it, chalking his paralysis up to an accident when he was younger. If someone becomes too suspicious, they move.
But they can’t hide forever. Titus is taken from them and forced to perform in the brutal and bloody Arena as a gladiator against other cursed boys.
They were never meant to meet—the gladiator and the empree. But a chance encounter leads to a forbidden friendship. The stake heighten as Athena nears her eighteenth birthday and her sisters search for a weakness—anything to keep her from the throne. Athena and Titus begin to realize that the friendship that saved them might also destroy them.
Set in a rich fantasy world steeped in the mythology and infrastructure of ancient Rome, this unlikely friendship burns bright in a time when no one is to be trusted.
I can’t waiiiiit!!
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