I have problems… (with a book)

Let me just begin with saying; I have a strong dislike for Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas. Don’t stop reading just because I said that. Because this isn’t a rant post and I have some things to say.

For me, the throne of glass series felt very close. Celaena had gone through so much, so very much hell, and while I love some moments in Queen of Shadows, I felt she lost some of her relatability, her humanity. She had begun to think of herself as not an equal to her friends, but a god.

That’s all I’m going to go into on that however. Because I realized my negativity towards this book was turning some people away. A few people trust my opinion (no I’m not lying) and they come to me for recommendations. I realize I am meant to give my personal opinion, and usually there’s no stopping me.

But then, in a bored moment, I was scrolling through youtube and I came across a video called “I DEFACED QUEEN OF SHADOWS”. I went in expecting a hater like me but I saw a girl, similar in personality to myself, a christian, a reader, a fangirl. She didn’t let anything stop her from saying how much she loved this book.

And who am I to keep the world from a book that could give them so much joy just because it didn’t give me joy? So, beginning today, when someone asks me if I think they should read Throne of Glass, I’m going to say yes. Because I don’t want to stop them from the joy that book could give them.

Any book can change a life. And I’m not going to try and keep people from a book they could love. I realize the hate I’ve held for that book is wrong, and disliking it is my right. But it’s everyone else’s write to read and enjoy what they want. I can’t hate something that can cause joy in another person’s life.

So if you love Queen of Shadows? YOU GO GIRL(or boy). Chase after that joy.


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