if you’ve checked Edelweiss lately, then you’ve seen this:


Since I had the pleasure of betaing Edelweiss+ a month ago, before it was “released” I thought I give you my official opinion on it.
(because that’s thing)

I know the main question is: is Edelweiss+ and improvement to Edelweiss? Is it better?
the short answer: yes.
the long answer:

Edelweiss+, in my opinion, is more chic and modern, easier to use, and is super cool. It has it’s downfalls, as does every website, but overall it’s more user-friendly than Edelweiss. I’m in love with it.

so definitely give it a try! it’s awesome and you’ll love it.

(ps. I will have a “navigating edelweiss+” post up as soon as I have the free time to write it. that sort of post is a ton of work)


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