The Importance of Diversity in Literature

I’m sure you’ve seen it. On Twitter, BookTube, honestly any media outlet. A booktuber posted a video on Youtube and proceeded to rant about diversity. She had a lot of hateful things to say about it. As a writer and reader I love encountering diversity.

Literature is written to reflect truth and meaning to the reader. As a straight white girl, it’s easy for me to write all of my characters like me.

But the truth is never easy to write.

the world we live in isn’t a straight, white world. I don’t care how you see it. this is how I see it. Diversity is so important to literature because of this. How can we live in this world, be around, such vibrant, diverse people, and not reflect it in our writing? The core of writing diverse characters is to reflect truth to individuals.

I relate to that sort of character, I feel it’s also important to write because it reflects a percent of the population. But here’s the thing: diversity doesn’t mean you can never have a white character, never have a straight character. It merely begs for you to represent the PoC, the LGBTQ+.Diversity merely wants you to represent every wonderful, gorgeous part of the world we live in.

I know I said this, but literature is meant to impart truths. Every part of your story should ring true to the readers, and if you don’t reflect a honest world, you have the difficulty of losing the reader. Readers crave a certain amount of the real world in their fiction. It makes the book more real and honest.
Renee Adhieh says it best.
edsso in the end,



TO CONCLUDE: Diversity is important in literature because it reflects truth and life and the world we live in.


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