A review policy is a statement on your blog that explains what your look for in review copies and what you should never be sent.
So a few days ago I wrote my first review policy (!!). while writing it I  realized I had no idea what I was doing so obviously I knew I’d have to post about it. Because duh.


  • What format of books will you accept?
  • What genres do you like to read?
  • What genres do you try to avoid?
  • How long will it take you to read and review a book you’ve agreed to read and review?
  • Are you going to be nice in your review if you dislike the book? If not, better say so.
  • What’s the best way to contact you?
  • Do you respond to every review request, even if you’re not interested?
  • Are you going to review the book anywhere else? Goodreads, Amazon, another blog?

That, of course, is just a mere skeleton.Try not to make your post monstrously long but don’t accidentally leave something out!

If they offer you cats in exchange for a glowing review it’s perfectly acceptable to say yes. BECAUSE CATS.

If you want to you can include what you plan to do with you ARCs after you devour them. I’m a dragon who shamelessly hoards ARCs, so obviously I didn’t include this because I never get rid of books. but if you plan on giving them away or trading them with other bloggers you should probably disclose it.

Always make sure the cake you’re being bribed with is good. Otherwise you’re wasting your talents.

You should probably include your email address, so once people read your review policy they can shoot you a pitch. Even if you already have it on your “CONTACT ME” page it’s always good to include your email address here. some people are lazy. like me. and my cats.

in case you want to see pure genius and many mistakes, check out my review policy. study it. learn from it. disregard everything I’ve said. and above everything else, get a cat and bake yourself a cake.
because let’s be honest: those are the important things.



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