In Defense: I Explain the Lack of Reviews

Okay, so I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted as many reviews as usual lately. You must have also noticed that I didn’t post my normal IT’S MONDAY post, and honestly, there may not be a WHAT’S NEXT post this week. here’s why.

1. School

I haven’t read a ton lately because SCHOOL STARTED


For once, I actually have a life and it kind of sucks? because I want to read. I need to read. BUT LIFE

3. reading slump(ish)

Slightly because of school, slightly because of life, but mostly me. It’s extremely possible that I’m slipping into a reading slump and that would be awful!! I’ve successfully evaded slumping for almost a whole year.

BUT I WILL TRY TO READ SOON. The next Great Twitter Readathon is coming up on the 14th and hopefully I will be able to knock out a few books! I do have two blog tours coming your way on the 12th and 15th so be on the lookout!


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