ANNOUNCING: what books am I giving away??


THE BOOKS I WILL BE GIVING AWAY!. I would love to reach the follower goals I’ve mentioned, and if I do I will be over the freaking moon, but I also want to appreciated all of the awesome people who have been sharing, reposting, and retweeting about this. So the giveaways will open in early December, whether I get my follower goals or not. I will be giving away:
on twitter: a hardcover of Red Queen because Victoria Aveyard is such a badass over there
on instagram: a paperback of Miss Peregrine’s because it’s a very photo-centered book.
on my blog: a paperback of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld because sometimes our blogs aren’t pretty but they are pretty cool.
and lastly, for our INTL friends: winner’s choice of a book from Book Depository under $6 (I know I’m cheap but it’s all I can manage right now)
In case anyone was wondering, here are my follower goals:
twitter: 150
instagram: 250
blog: 50

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