Instagram theme?

If you spend some time on Instagram, you’ll notice a lot of people on there have something called an Instagram “theme”. Here are a few examples:




okay, so look up. that’s a theme. look down. hey there’s me! 😛


okay, so my instagram has been described as having a “rustic” theme (yes, it’s okay to laugh) and I try not to have a theme. Guess what this post is about. You guessed right. It’s about WHY I don’t have an Instagram theme. Buckle up. this’ll be fun!

okay, okay, no hate on Instagram themes. I am so in love with them. But they don’t work for me! I have a very creative personality and I live half my life in Africa and half of it in the States so part of why I don’t have one is that I never know where I’ll be so if I take all my photos on, say, a picnic table, then when I leave that picnic table I’m screwed. And I’m not carrying that picnic table across the world(even if it’s my favorite place to take photos).

hey, let’s revisit that part about my creative personality. Totally not trying to sound like a hippie or something but I believe that every photo I take should channel the vibrancy of each book I choose to photograph. While it is extremely possible to do this within a theme, I love the freedom not having one gives me. I could throw twinkle lights and oceans and buildings in my photo and not mess up my “theme” because my theme is not having a theme.

While I love not having a theme, there are drawbacks. I sometimes don’t know what my background will be. and while I hate to admit it, sometimes I want to have a theme. so who knows. maybe I’ll cave and get one someday. But for now I’m pretty happy.

So here’s the hard part. Do I recommend not having a theme?
and well, here’s the thing. I can’t tell you how to Instagram. I don’t even know what I’M doing half the time. Not to sound cheesy, but follow your heart. if you want to try a theme, GO FOR IT. I thought I’d just give a little perspective into not having one.

Do you have an Instagram? Omg send me your handle!! if you have an Instagram, do you have a theme?


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