So, about my Bookstagram

According to my schedule, I’m supposed to be reviewing Because You’re Mine by Colleen Coble today, but I’ve promised myself that I’d write this post for three months now. Now that I’m finally sitting down to write it, I’ve got to admit; I’m afraid of what people will think, of how being honest might hurt my chances at advancing my career in reviewing. But I don’t want to be afraid anymore, or being careful what I say, because, while I’m a resident of the United States, I spend twenty-one months out of every two years in Liberia, West Africa. I live in Liberia, West Africa and I have for five and a half years. Out of those five and a half years, I have altogether spent 18 months(spread throughout those years) living in my home of Kansas, While I try my best to keep up with physical review copies and reading the books I own at my house in Kansas, I feel like it’s time to be absolutely honest because here’s the thing, and I hope I can explain it some way where everyone will understand. It’s my hope that by coming out with all this, I can enjoy more of a comfortable time writing on this blog for all of you fine people and that maybe I can feel a lot closer to all of you! 🙂

I was born with a love for books, a love I’ve cultivated throughout my life.

In Liberia, I had a system. When people came from the states, I’d have them bring books for me. But that plan had it’s flaws, because while in Africa I don’t have air conditioning. Most days the humidity is in the mid 90s. It rains six months out of the year. And it hurts to take these things I love so much to a place that essentially ruins any of their aesthetic appeal. (see pictures below)

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So this trip I made a decision that was hard for me, especially because I loved books, and going nearly two years without them is going to kill me. This isn’t forever. In two years, I’ll be back for both my furlough and preparing to go to college.

I will still post reviews, considering I have a trusty little e-reader and I get a good amount of e-ARCs off of the different reviewing websites I contribute my services to. This post is mostly for my Instagram followers, because it means a change in my photos.

Rather than quitting Instagram, I have realized it’s not something I’m willing to give up. I will instead be posting only photos of ebooks, beginning March 7.

I realize this whole post has a super dramatic undertone, and it’s only because this blog and my Instagram are things that are very important to me and they’ve helped me find out what I really want to do with my life. Books are my job, my escape, and they simply keep me from going crazy, and they help me become a better version of myself. I know I might lose some Instagram followers over this change but I promise that the quality of my content and photos won’t ever be compromised. I still plan on posting regularly and cultivating my reading life and my online presence. Thanks for sticking around, those of you who choose to :). Now go eat some cake! ❤

(sorry this post is choppy I just needed to get it out and be honest)


3 thoughts on “So, about my Bookstagram”

  1. I completely get it. That damage is heart-wrenching! I love my books and I think most book lovers are the same. Use the ereader. Electronics can get damaged in humidity, but that hurts less bc the books are in the cloud.
    I’ll hold onto them for you, lol!! 😂🙌
    Still will watch for your posts and follow you on Bookstagram. I use a lot of pictures from the internet for my Bookstagram bc I don’t have the physical copies. 😉😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Electronics do get damaged easily, so I have to get better quality ones each time, but I’m using my first iPad now and really enjoying it.
      I used to do that a lot more but I have since figured out a few handy dandy tricks for photographing ebooks. Thank you for visiting my blog!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course! I love it now that I found it!
        That must be so different than living here! And I’m glad you have an iPad to use: I have a mini 4 after I upgraded my mini 2…I still have the old one and use it for access to my friend’s Kindle library as we gave each other our info to sign in. She gets almost 600 books and I get some ARCs that are only available in Australia. It’s really cool. And I would not go back to anything non-iPad now…I do use my Kindle Fire and Kindle E-Ink when I need to.
        I can always use some photo tricks!


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