Five Books with PHENOMENAL Writing

My plan was to alternate weeks for reading and writing posts, but next week’s post is more about books and because it’s my Faves of March post, it can’t be switched out with this one. So you lucky people get two weeks in a row of writing posts! Oh joy. Though, this week the post is like a mix between a writing and reading post. The best of both worlds, per se. (let’s go!) (btw, this is not in order. I’m not THAT organized, y’all)
Darkness_FledWhen I was a tiny baby reader many years ago and I didn’t even realize that Jill Williamson was an amazing writer, I read this book(my fave of Jill’s). One thing I’ve always gotten from her books is a sense of home in the world she creates around her story. At first I thought it was just in the Blood of Kings books, but everything I’ve read from her has given me this feeling. I’ve realized it’s just how Jill writes. She writes well and I love it. And her books.

24644814One thing I’ve always loved about Ally Carter books is that her characters always feel like my best friends. Her stories are always wonderful, of course, but her strong point is really the care and character she pours into her wonderful crew. Each book from her is always a true joy to read but I think the Embassy Row books are my faves.

b2ap3_thumbnail_the-color-projectI like to think I can recognize a good writer from reading their book. Most of the books I read have been edited and rewritten, but the draft of the Color Project I read was early, and it was… I can’t even think of words to explain it. Her writing delivers the story absolutely perfectly. No one else could take the plot and story of this book and write it as well or even close to as amazing. This book and the writing and everything… this is a book that gives you butterflies. Honestly, who even needs boys. I want to marry this book.

hunted-meagan-spoonerIt’s hard to come up with a new way to talk about this. In reading Hunted, I fell in love with Meagan Spooner’s writing. She took her story and told the story of a feeling. The book was about a romance too, obv., but what she really told the story of was searching for that something everybody is searching for. Most of us don’t even know what our thing is. It was so cool to see that, especially in fantasy which is usually more about story and less about delivering a message or relaying a feeling. It really represented how talented she was as a writer and a storyteller.

CxZh2HZW8AAVwqFI hardcore related to this book. If you’ll read my review, you’ll see that. It really made me feel something. It made me think back to my forum days, and on top of that the world is beautifully written. I love it so much. From cover to cover, you can tell that Francesca knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s so so wonderful.

okay so this is where the post is supposed to end. I was going to end it here. But then I read The Whole Thing Together by Ann Brashares and I just needed to add it but I also don’t want to take any books off of this list, so I’m adding it. I’m too lazy to change my premade graphic so deal with it 😛

whole thing togetherI’m not going to mention why I specifically fell in love with Ann Brashares’ writing, but it touched me. I’ve got a set of experiences that are common yet different in so many ways. It’s hard to find a book that relates to my exact thing but to put it as specific and spoiler free as I can, this book just took all of the feelings I felt when something(an experience of mine) happened and put how I felt on paper. It was real and honest and raw and written so so well.


So these are books I currently think are phenomenally written. TELL ME BELOW:

What books have you read that made you go: “WHOA THIS BOOK IS SO WELL WRITTEN OMG”?



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