March Favorites!

people people people.

march is, like, over. what even.

(also my birthday is in less than a month AHHHHH)

OMG Y’ALL. I survived March. That was unexpected. I miss my books, I’m busy, pretending school doesn’t actually exist, but HEY I’M ALIVE. oh and I’ve been following this blogging schedule for a MONTH now so WHAAAAT. btw, if this whole thing confuses you, I have a page about it. if you don’t want to track down said page, here’s the link: Now that that’s over, I’m going to bore you and talk about books I  LOVED this month! (to be clear, these are all the books I read this month that I rated 5 stars) (in order of when I read them)

919fV6DdE8LThis was my first five star read of the month and out of all of them it was probably my least liked five star book of the month? Which is kind of weird to say, but all the books on this list had to really earn that fifth star and this one just barely did. NONE of that means I didn’t love and enjoy this book–I really did! It delivers a positive message for young girls with romance they’ll fangirl over and a story that will keep them reading long into the night.

I read both this book and the book before it, THE SILENT SONGBIRD, this month and they were both five star books for me but in the end I decided to only put one on this list (idk I can’t even remember why) (#professional) It was THE NOBLE SERVANT that won out in the end, because I ended up loving this book a little bit more. The plot in this book is amazing and the cover is gorgeous and the romance. THE ROMANCE. omg y’all. the characters and the romance are just so on point 😍😍 I would definitely reccomend this to teen girls. It is classified as a YA Christian Historical but honestly I think non-Christians can enjoy it too.

CxZh2HZW8AAVwqFStarting with the cover and premise this book immediately drew me in. The nice thing about my review copies is that by the time I read them I have always forgotten the premise that originally drew me in so it makes the content such a surprise for me. I related hardcore to Eliza and I loved her whole crew and the romance and this book… it made my favorites of the year because it was just perfection. Every detail was thought through and well written. Definitely would recommend to teens and older.

whole thing togetherThis book is a struggle to talk about and recommend because it was “eh” for me until the last 30% or so made it a favorite of this month and the year. I don’t want to spoil this book, but y’all. y’all. It hit me. emotionally, and more than just the feels. I really connected with this book. so much.

SO this month had a few disappointments. But ultimately it yielded some really good books that I really loved, some of which made it onto my favorites of 2017 list (scroll up to the top to find it). Thanks, March. You weren’t bad. (referring to books, of course. twitter was totally not my favorite place to be this month because people are mean)

What was your favorite book that you read in March??


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