Book Review: Deacon Locke Went to Prom

Promposals are taking over Deacon Locke’s high school and there is no place left to hide. But even with graduation looming, shy and unusually tall Deacon doesn’t think he can get up the nerve to ask anyone to the dance. Especially given all the theatrics.
It isn’t until Deacon confides in his witty and outgoing best friend Jean that he realizes she could be a great person to take. Only problem is Jean isn’t your typical prom date. She’s older. A lot older. And she’s Deacon’s grandmother.
But when Deacon meets Soraya—a girl unlike any other he’s ever met—he fears he has totally squandered his chances of having a prom he’ll never forget. Deacon couldn’t be more wrong. About everything.
Before this book, I had never heard of Brian Katcher. And honestly? I feel like his book must be ridiculously underrated. This book, at first, comes across as if it will be some funny story of a teen boy going to his first prom. While it is that, it’s also a lot more than that.
I really want to talk about the Muslim love interest, Soraya who I loved and is a TOTAL badass, but I’ve decided not to say a ton, just because of some backlash and accusations I’ve received on Twitter for stating opinions before (essentially I don’t want to accidentally say the wrong thing) I will say however, that she is AWESOME and definitely one of the reasons you should read this book. (My fave Soraya quote below)
“It’ll be a cold day in Arkansas when I give a sh** about what some yahoo with an internet connection thinks about me. I’m not some kind of damn Disney princess who needs a man to come and save her. I’ve been handling a**holes all my life. Yes, it bothers me. Yes, sometimes it scares me. And yes, it really helps to have friends like you and Jason to lean on. But when it comes down to it, I can live my own life. Jason and my father never really understood that, and neither do you.”
She’s a firecracker and honestly on of the best characters!
So. The HUMOR in this book!! I was laughing my head off whenever I wasn’t fangirling over Soraya and Deacon or yelling at Deacon for being an IDIOT. (EXAMPLES BELOW!!)
 It’s Kelli. I do a double take. Now that she’s lost her glasses, let down her hair, and gotten a makeover, I’m suddenly struck by what a truly beautiful girl she is. Or was she always this lovely and I was too blind to see it? Just kidding. This isn’t a romantic comedy.
(At 48%) The end. Seriously. Deacon learned to come out of his shell, and he’s going to go out with Soraya. Book’s over. The next two hundred pages are acknowledgments.
(Character name omitted to avoid spoilers) It’s Passover, (character name omitted). Time to taste the bitter herbs of . . .  Sorry, I’m not Jewish, and it was a bad metaphor to begin with. But I really want to kick (character name omitted)’s a**.
Essentially this book is amazing and there’s dancing, and prom, and romance, and overnight fame(which is a newer book trope that I’m totally becoming obsessed with), guys who love their grandmas (BLESS THEIR ADORABLE SOULS), and Muslim rep, and all in all, this book is AMAZING. (go read it)
Sexual – kissing, maybe innuendos
Cussing – mild
Imbibing – some underage drinking
Violence – fighting, mean people, and the damage it’ll do to the book when you cry and throw it at the wall bc it’s SO GOOD

So… How do you feel about the new “overnight social media fame” trope? Let’s talk.


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