Book Blogging Tips!

Apparently since I’ve been blogging for six years and whatever I must have good advice so people have been asking me for tips and welllllll… here’s a blog post.


I don’t care if all you like to do is wear black and eat ice cream in the dark, because here’s the biggest tip you can get. You need to be commenting on blogs, liking posts, tweeting and all those good things. If someone thinks that you’re pretty cool, they might click over to your blog, and if that happens thirty times, then maybe they’ll follow you. Once they follow you they will start commenting and all that fun stuff. The key to blogging success is to pretend you like talking to other humans.


If you’re going to blog, commit to it. I have one day a week where I write all my posts for the week and schedule them (sometimes more than just that week). Then I don’t have to stress about writing posts for another week. I can have a life and blog too, so to speak. I didn’t do this for a long time, but it’s something that I’ve realized is so important, and that’s to come up with a schedule that works for you. I went through like three before my current one and I love what I came out with. Take in your reading schedule, the type of posts you’d like to post, and then come out with an amount of post per week that includes your individual needs. I read about two books or more a week, but I post reviews once a week because two times a week was too much pressure for me, and if I read more than one book, I can schedule reviews weeks ahead of time.


This one pertains more to reviewing, but it still can apply to blogging. If you aren’t honest on how a book made you feel(don’t bash anyone tho), it can come through in your writing and make your blog readers not trust your opinion as much. So as much as possible, be honest about how a certain book made you feel, and be honest with yourself about how much you can take one. That’s the other part of this tip. It pertains slightly to tip #2. If your blog schedule is too much for you, or you need a hiatus, CUT THE SCHEDULE DOWN. TAKE A HIATUS. (I didn’t yell for two and half tips! Score!) Your mental and physical health is the most important thing and your readers WILL UNDERSTAND.


While honesty is always a good thing, there’s this cool thing that’s also good called tact and another thing called keeping your mouth shut. Sometimes it’s important to be quiet and not say everything on your mind because believe me, IT WILL BACKFIRE. So when in doubt about being honest, it’s okay to be nice. But don’t lie.


I started out blogging like my blog was a journal and it was such a mistake. A couple years back(I don’t have the energy to remember the number :P) I started book blogging and got off to a rocky start, but it’s been one of the best things in my life.


Okay, you’ve got the passion! The social skills! But oops you started and YOU’RE AWFUL AT IT. good news: we all were when we started out! So keep blogging about what you love. Push yourself to socialize. Push yourself to blog sometimes. In the end, it’s like learning to ride a bike. You’re pedaling and your dad is pushing you and he’s let go and you’re riding it by yourself and you’re GOOD AT IT. You probably won’t realize when you start getting good at it, but if you work at it, you WILL get good at it.

so that’s all the tips I have for right now! See you Friday!

Are you a blogger? What tips do you have for other bloggers, new or otherwise?


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