Muse Monday #4

Saturday night I lay in bed, unable to sleep, and planning my next few blog posts. When I got to thinking about this week’s Muse Monday, I realized that this had been an awful week and I started to worry. I worried I wouldn’t have anything to blog about, because absolutely nothing had inspired me that week. I’m glad to say that once Sunday afternoon rolled around, I found the inspiration of my week.

Last week I got to design a cover, and this week I updated my cover designing page over on Facebook (click here to see it). I felt so inspired and more true to my cover designer goals than ever before. My mission in cover designing is to bring affordable covers to the table that help indie books to sell and look good while doing that. The price is a “pay what you can” deal, which can be as much as you can afford, or as low as $1. It’s a way for me to get an income for something I love doing, and make people have access to great covers with spending hundreds of dollars. It’s a passion project of mine, and it truly inspired me this week.

What has inspired you this week?


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