Favorites of the Month!

June happened. I didn’t have a ton of favorites this month. In fact, two of them were spontaneous choice that led to 5 star rating and much crying. But enough about me and my fragile heart. LET’S TALK BOOKS Y’ALL


I started this on a whim at 2am when a tempermental bout of insomnia kept me up until 6am. Every second of the next 2-3 days I wanted to read this book. Every free minute I had was spent devouring this book. It was a clear 5 star book from the very start. I loved the addition of the ESSEN TACH which just made these books so much better, expecially because some of my favorite books have competitions like it (i.e. Throne of Glass, The Crown’s Game) (#KellandLilaTogetherForeverPLEASE)


This book was legit one of the ONLY time hop stories I’ve read and actually liked. WHOOPEE. It was fun, and (as stated in my review) “This book was a delicious exploration of morals, disconnected family, and broken relationships. I loved every second and cried my way through a good chunk of it. It’s always such a blessing to see the struggles of writers in every age represented in books.” (sheesh, I sound so professional omg)


Okay, so in the interests of being absolutely honest, at the time of writing this post, I haven’t yet finished this book. But while I’m being honest, I’ve cried 5 times already and, welllllll, I can tell it’s a favorite from just what I’ve read. Also, by the time this post goes up, I’ll be done with it and also emotionally destroyed. 😀


What were your favorite books from the month of June?


4 thoughts on “Favorites of the Month!”

  1. Ohh yay that you enjoyed ACOL so much! (I mean, crying over books = enjoying them, right?!😂) I read it back in February and LOVED IT TO DEATH. I still haven’t fully gotten over it tbh. I also read Lord of Shadows this month which was A+ and amazingness. 😍 I hope you have a fantastic July of reading too!!

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    1. I’m just, like, emotionally dead now. I need chocolate and the souls of my enemies before I can read another sad book.
      Ooh! I read the Infernal Devices a year or two ago but never got around to reading the rest of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books.
      Thank you!!


  2. I’ve never heard of The Writing Desk but now you’re making me feel like I absolutely HAVE to read it. I also need to get my ass aboard the ADSOM train. I’ve had it on my e-reader for ages but haven’t gathered up the courage to start. Maybe before the end of this year? MAYBE…

    I hope July brings you a better reading month! I didn’t read much in June either, so I’m hoping for myself July is better hahaa

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    1. The Writing Desk was definitely a good read! You NEED to read A Darker Shade of Magic! It’s one of those series’ that is just so good and amazing that I can’t even decide on which book within the trilogy is my favorite. It’s definitely a must read for fantasy lovers.
      Me too! I’m already doing a little better (finishing up on my first book of the month!) so I have high hopes for the rest of the month.

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