If you have a facebook account, friends, and are a woman, you’ve probably heard of LuLaRoe. If you haven’t, that’s fine. Especially because I’m about to tell you ALLLLL about it. Sit tight. This is going to be fun!

(VIDEO of the founder of the company explaining how it came about: https://vimeo.com/128190214)

LuLaRoe is a clothing company best known for their “buttery-soft” and plus-size inclusive leggings.

As you can see from the pictures I’ve provided, they carry children’s sizes 2-14, tween size 0-00, adult sizes 2-22(though they also fit up to 24 in my opinion.) As advertised, I can guarantee you that they are SO soft. While there is a little extra care you have to take with them (it isn’t recommended to machine wash them), they are so worth it and SO flattering on all sizes. I’m going to leave a slideshow of the rest of the styles of shirts, skirts, pullovers, and dresses they carry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The cool thing about LuLaRoe isn’t just their size inclusive and stunning clothes. The only way you can buy LuLaRoe is through their fashion consultants, which you can find on Facebook. There is literally no other way to buy LuLaRoe.

So I bet you’re wondering why I’ve explained all of this, and it’s not just because I wanted to. I’m hosting a Facebook popup. Essentially what that is, is an event on Facebook that takes place online. It’s run by my LuLaRoe fashion consultant, the amazing Francesca Tovar. The super fun thing about it is that for every 10 things that sell, I get two free items of clothing! It’s going to be tons of fun and I hope y’all can join me there. I’m going to leave the link, but if it doesn’t work, you can find me on Facebook under the name Lucy Buller and DM and I’ll invite you!



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