ARC August TBR!

Okay, so I’m super pumped to do this readathon again! I always get swamped with tons of ARCs around this time of year(allllll the fall releases omg!) and this readathon is the perfect way to motivate myself to get through a lot of them. So this TBR is basically going to be like half my ARCs in order of when they release!

This is just a quick TBR, so they’re won’t be a synopsis for any of these, but they’re all up on goodreads!

WICKED LIKE WILDFIRE – I can’t wait for this one! I’m going in completely blind to everything but that  g o r g e o u s  cover so what could go wrong??

THE ART OF FEELING – I’m actually really excited for this one? It’s about chronic pain(I think!) and that’s something I don’t deal with, so I love getting views into someone else’s life and pain and being educated to better live and interact with people.

YOU DON’T KNOW ME BUT I KNOW YOU – So this has a WOC main character!! and it’s about teen pregnancy, which is something that happens all too often. I always like seeing different views on the subject.

THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON – tbh I have legit forgotten ALL THE THINGS about this book. I feel like I remember something about time travel?? shippy romance?? idk.

EVEN THE DARKEST STARS – Yeah I know nothing about this book. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THAT COVER??

BEFORE SHE IGNITES – this is by the author of THE ORPHAN QUEEN which I have heard mixed things about. but I’m still excited for it and can’t wait to read it!

ONE DARK THRONE – Got chills as I set this on my TBR. THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO THREE DARK CROWNS PEOPLE OMG DYING. I can’t even. I MUST GET TO THIS. also I kind of need to reread THREE DARK CROWNS haha.

Are you doing ARC August? Are you not doing it? TELL ME ALL THE TBR THINGS!


24 thoughts on “ARC August TBR!”

  1. I mentioned on my TBR tag that “Wicked Like Wildfire” was a book I added to it solely because of its beautiful cover. It wasn’t until I read through synopsis later that I actually wanted to read it. We both may have that same going in pretty much blind experience based on the cover experience.


  2. I’m also going to try and read The Girl with the Red Balloon and Even the Darkest Stars. They don’t have much hype so I want to try and promote them on twitter (especially TGWTRB because it has Jewish rep!). Good luck with your TBR this month! 🙂

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  3. I’m really excited for Wicked Like A Wildfire! It seems like it will be really unique and interesting! Also I really LOVED Three Dark Crowns, so I can’t wait to read One Dark Throne!


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