2018 Blog Posts I’m Proud Of + 2018 Milestones!


2018 was a year of a ridiculous amount of growth for me. Both in my personal life, and in my online life! So I thought I’d kind of recap the year with a post featuring some of my favorite things I wrote on here, and some of the online and personal milestones I had in 2018!


I really started out 2018 with a bang last year, my first Wednesday post being my most popular post that I’ve ever published. If you don’t know which post I’m talking about, it’s Requesting & Reviewing Titles on Edelweiss + How to Use FILTERS! It was a surreal experience, and over the last year I’ve loved seeing people return to it again and again, leaving comments and likes. It has 15 likes, and 41 comments. That may not seem like much to y’all, but to me it’s a lot, and it means more than you can ever know.

Then, about a month later, That Book Gal turned 7. Wow. It’s still shocking I’ve been at this for 7 years. It simultaneously feels like so much longer yet not long at all. I’m so incredibly proud of where I am, and I look forward to another year of growing with y’all. I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of you reading this. Yes, you. Thank you. I wouldn’t be here without you. Also I wrote an incredibly sappy post last year about all of this, in the third person. Read it. It’s hilarious. (yes I am making fun of myself) (what can I say, I’m basically a joke minefield)

In March, I stepped out of my comfort zone and wrote a blog post on bookish designs and how I make them. It was something that my anxiety didn’t want me to write, and I wasn’t happy with it and thought it was terrible and y’all, that was the anxiety talking. Looking back now, I really like how it turned out. It’s a mess, like me, but I think it has a couple helpful tips.

I wrote a slightly helpful post on writing review policies! I worked really hard on it and it hopefully helped some people! I’m really proud of how it turned out. It’s also kind of funny. We talked about autobiographies of a man’s dead wife’s aunt’s cat, which tbh is still something I kind of need want

I wrote another slightly helpful post! I guess these slightly helpful posts are things I work really hard on, so ergo I’m proud of them! This one is a beginner’s guide to requesting ARCs. It’s a part one, and part two…. well 2018 was quite the year, so part two is pending sometime. Still need to write it… oops?

I entered my first writing contest, and it was one of the most terrifying things I ever did. I had a lot of emotions so I wrote a post. If we’re being honest, the post makes me kind of cringe but also I’m kind of proud of it. It’s hard to be emotionally vulnerable, which the post is. I’m really proud of myself for that post, y’all.

I’m also so incredibly proud of all of my What’s on my ARC Shelf posts. It’s kind of become my thing now?? And someone else did it too! I’m a trendsetter! xP For real, though, it means a lot.




So. Milestones. Looking back of 2018, I am feeling so incredibly grateful for my community. Blogging was a struggle in 2018, I’m not going to lie. I had to fight to get posts up on time, took several hiatuses, both by choice and sometimes not by choice. The stars didn’t align, I had to fight for my blog. But when I had to suddenly take a long hiatus, my community came around me and helped me with guest posts, so I could get something up which I was gone. I am… so, so incredibly grateful.


  • I hit 1,000 followers on Twitter
  • I hit 2,000 followers on Twitter
  • I read a book that actually, literally changed my life
  • I went to my first book event/signing (and won a book!)

In my personal life, things have been crazy. This year I got someone to listen about my anxiety and depression, I got my first job, I moved out from living with my parents, I made a friend(big deal to me, btw), I cut off 15 inches of my hair, I had so much person growth that I can see. Some of which I don’t think I’m in a place where I feel comfortable sharing yet, but… It’s been a year. My life has changed. It’s effectively the opposite of where I was this time last year. Opposite side of the world, and I’ve changed and grown and learned new, hard lessons.


It’s been a year, y’all. Hears to the next one… may it not take as long to end.

Boost yourself! Are you a blogger? What’s your favorite post you created in 2018? What milestones did you have? Let’s chat!!


2 thoughts on “2018 Blog Posts I’m Proud Of + 2018 Milestones!

  1. I’m glad you were able to see someone about your anxiety and depression. That is absolutely amazing. I just cut about 6-8 inches of hair off and it feels better. I miss my long hair but I also feel better.

    I think my favorite post I created in 2018 would be my monthly link up Spread The Love where you can link up all your blog posts for that month. It was nice seeing so many bloggers link up. One of my goals this year is to expand it.

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