Tips for Putting the Books You Love in Storage


So you may know(because I’ve mentioned it approximately 560 times), I recently moved out on my own. And well, I own over 300+ books so moving into a 475 sq ft apartment was going to be a challenging. After much measuring and deliberation, I realized that I couldn’t take all my books. And I for sure didn’t want to sell them. Luckily, my parents have a great attic so I was able to store them all there(a storage unit would work too if you don’t have an extra attic lying around). So. I researched and learned some things that may be helpful if you’re in a similar situation where you need to put your books in storage! Let’s dive into this.


Please, for the love of everything written, do not use boxes!

Okay, so you’re moving. You’ve got lots of boxes lying around. It might make sense to use a box to store your books. STOP. DON’T DO IT. Boxes may seem like the cheap, easy solution but they have serious issues. Even if there isn’t a year round mice problem, during the winter most homes(and storage units!) have mice. Mice can chew through boxes and leave your with a box full of shredded books. There’s also bugs. Cockroachs eat paper, by the way. And what if there’s suddenly a leak? Rain or anything wet(like mice pee) will go straight through that cardboard. So pick yourself up, spend a little on rubbermaids and save in the long run. Don’t get the cheapest rubbermaid. You can get some really strong ones for $7 rather than the flimsy trash that walmart brand passes off as rubbermaids.

Be careful of how you place the books in your rubbermaid.

If it’s in a slightly curved corner, or slightly open, it could stay like that forever, because books tend to hold a form after awhile. Make sure when you are carrying the rubbermaids that the books are placed so they don’t move around and get bent. Place the books you love more closer to the top so that you can access them easier.

ORGANIZE. Make a list. Check it twice. don’t wear red while doing this or you may get mistaken for Santa.

This takes some time, but it is so worth it. Sit down with your computer, your books, and write down each title as you fill the rubbermaid. Use duct tape as a removable label to number each rubbermaid. Then you know which books are in which rubbermaid if you need to find one while it’s stored. I also taped a copy of each list to the outside of each rubbermaid to help. This was great because I ended up with 7 rubbermaids so if I had to dig through each one to find one specific book it would take forever. I would recommend typing the list up as you go so it’s in a editable doc just in case you don’t completely fill a rubbermaid and need to edit it as you add more books. Also, this helps in case you have the books in storage and forget what you have, so you don’t buy duplicates. You can check your list before buying new books.


I hope this was helpful! I had to figure all this out on my own and I kind of wish there had been some of this info for me to find. Maybe there was, but I hadn’t seen any.

Was this helpful? Moving and storing books is hard! I hope I was able to help, even just a little. LET’S CHAT!! what tips would you give for putting books in storage?


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