Hi there!  I’m Lucy. I don’t bite. I love it when you comment, like, and interact with my posts. I’ve been blogging off and on for almost 10 years(WHAT EVEN OMG). I managed to make my blog stick when I started book blogging. Here are some fun facts about me:

I’m 98% extrovert. the rest of my family is made up of introverts. therefore I am their worst nightmare(we’ve all come to terms with it)

I am child of Jesus Christ. I’m not going to shove that down your throat, or judge you. What you do is between you and God, and it’s none of my business.

I’m a Hufflepuff. I took the test 24 times and 23/24 I was a Hufflepuff. I have accepted it. Embraced it. I’m fiercely loyal, and if you hurt one of my friends I WILL COME FOR YOU.

I love books. I bet you couldn’t tell that from this blog, but yes, I do. They’re pretty dang awesome.

I’m a fairly decent designer on Redbubble. I make all of the things. Mostly bookish things, with some broadway/tv/movie/fandom/all the things/thoughts that pop into my head thrown in. It’s fun. People seem to like it.

I write books. I’m bad at it, and tweet way too much about it. I have many WIPs. It’s an occupational hazard.

I’m from the best state of all the states. Fields of beautiful golden wheat, gorgeous sunsets, field of amazing sunflowers, all the things. Kansas. It’s the best–don’t @ me.

I review books on here. I’m not the best at it. I have a good time. Always non-spoilery. If there are spoilers, you have to highlight the spoilers to see them. I’m not about that spoiling life.

I say y’all a lot. I’m not southern. KANSAS IS NOT SOUTHERN. It’s actually something I started doing after going on the internet as a small child. It stuck around. I’m midwestern. Not southern. I just say y’all, y’all.

I collect mugs. that’s cool. I like mugs. they hold my coffee for me. and I loooove coffee. Plus mugs are a bomb way to express yourself.

I’m so pale that I get burned just looking at the sun. Am I exaggerating? Maybe. But the sunburn I have right now hurts like HECK and I was only out in the sun for 30 minutes.

This may be relevant, but I tend to ramble. Thank you for sticking around! It’s great to have you.