My Rating System


5 stars

The illusive five star rating is reserved for absolute favorites. It does not mean I had no problems with the book, but it means whatever problems I did have don’t matter because the book is THAT GOOD.

4.5 stars


This is for books that nearly made it to five stars but had too many problems for it to be a full five star book.


4 stars

this is for books that I love, but aren’t on my favorites list.

3 stars


this is for books I read and felt “meh” about. It means I didn’t LOVE it but I also didn’t HATE it.


2 stars

This is for books I don’t like, but that I don’t hate.
1 star
This is for books I hate. It’s not one I give out often.

This is how I rate books. But if I give a low rating, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it. I believe you should always decide things yourself. If you want to read a book, then read it! 🙂