I’m Writing This Title Before I Write This Post & I’m Crying Already

I never thought I would ever write this post.

It feels all kinds of sad, but it also feels like something I should have seen coming a long time ago.

I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years. for a time, it was all I had. Nothing was more important. This blog and books kept me alive.

But I think I’d be lying if I said that my heart has been in it recently. Don’t get me wrong: I love this blog. It was so right for so long, and it’s okay for it to not be right for me anymore.

Change is a part of life. It’s the only constant. I took this last weekend for my mental health and when I finished the book I was reading the last thing I wanted to do was review it. Some books are easy to review, but for some it feels like writing the same review over and over again with different wording.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with reviewing. But I need to remember how to truly enjoy a book with no pressure. No need to set aside an hour after finishing it to write a review. No need to put off finishing it because I don’t have time to write a review. 2020 has been absolutely insane. It’s been one of my worst mental health years.

I’m working full time for the first time this year, and I want to feel like I’m reading because I want to, not because I have to. It was all I had for almost 7 years. But I have more now. And I need to reframe it’s healthy place in my life.

This blog has given me so much joy. It makes me so sad to let it go, but I know it’s the right thing for me to do right now. So I’m retiring. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crying while writing this. Blogging has brought me so many friends, and has kept me alive. But it isn’t a fair use of my time or fair to y’all for me to force myself to continue when my heart isn’t quite in it anymore.

So in the future… I’m still on Twitter. I’m still going to talk about books. I’m on TikTok. I still love you all and value every single one of you. But this is the correct decision for me right now.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for 9.5 amazing, wonderful, bookish years.

Life Update ~ I Officially Qualify for the Job I’ve had for Six Months??


Hey. Hi. Hello. Howdy. It’s been a hot minute. I’ve had some pretty big things happen so I figured it was about time a wrote an update.


First things first, the main points…

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Okay, so technically I got my GED. But it’s kind of the same thing? I officially qualify for my job now! Everyone is asking what I’m doing next and to be honest… I don’t know. Finally finishing high school has been something I’ve been working towards since 2014. I’ve had this goal for 6 years. That’s a long time. I don’t know if I want to go to college. I don’t know what I’m doing next academically, but my goal for the rest of 2020 is to finish the book that I’ve been working on for 6 years. Whatever comes after that? Who knows.


and this leads into my next point….

I’m finally writing again!!


fake book cover for inspiration purposes

I’m trying to write whenever I can and I have a goal to finish this book by the end of the year. I know people will ask so Imma try to sum it up just a little bit.

All of the Stars is a YA contemporary about a girl who has been abandoned at boarding school in Canada by her mother. She meets a cute boy in a coffee shop. things get very emo, there’s family drama, and chocolate cake in a thrift store. this is a very simplified explanation of the book.

The book is better than that 5 second explanation, I SWEAR. I mean, it better be. I’ve spent 6 years writing it.


Lucy Buller 1[1099]

this photo is not my greatest photo but here we are

I GOT A FULL TIME JOB(and moved)

I’m unsure if I ever mentioned this, but back in January I got a full time job as a church receptionist. Which kind of explains why I haven’t read much and why I also haven’t blogged much. Because, well, my job is a full time job? Also between writing and working on my GED I really just didn’t have time/energy. I also moved from a small town to a city in March so that took a lot of time/energy/adjustment. I need to work on time management and get better about posting more! I can’t guarantee anything, though, especially with my next announcement…

I’m getting an emotional support animal!

So this year has been a lot. It’s taken a huge toll on my mental health(another reason for the lack of posts). So about 2 months ago I started looking into the process. A month ago I got my ESA prescription letter and applied for a dog. I’m meeting her on Saturday! So this is either going to boost my productivity(because cuddling with a dog) or make my absence worse(because cuddling with a dog). I think it’s going to be really good for me and my therapist agrees 🙂 I already have a name picked out from a book, so… I’ll be announcing her and her name when she’s mine on twitter and instagram!


So a lot has happened. On top of all of this I also went through my first breakup and discovered tiktok and taylor swift released a new album and I turned 19 and life is kind of crazy right now. But I’m thankful for y’all for sticking around(even though I haven’t been posting I’m still getting views every day which is crazy to me!!)


how are YOU?? What’s going on in your lives? What’s the best book you’ve read this year? Are you surviving this COVID craziness? Wearing a mask? let’s talk! leave a comment! I’ve missed y’all 🙂



Why Does a Fat Life Matter Less?


I am fat.
I feel the need to use the disclaimer here before my comments are “you’re not fat, you’re beautiful”: I am not insulting myself. FAT IS A DESCRIPTOR, NOT AN INSULT. I am fat, that is a fact. the negative connotations of the word are all (hu)man made, and currently many plus size, body positive creators are choosing to reclaim the word. so yes, I am fat. get over it.
Also a disclaimer, this post has nothing to do with books. But this blog is my platform so today I’m choosing to post about this.

I feel the need to talk about this right now. It’s partly spurred by a friend of mine here on the internet getting LITERAL DEATH THREATS for speaking out against a toxic fatphobic audio on TikTok. It’s also partially because I commented on that video and my DMs are flooded by fatphobic attacks, and I’ve also been dealing with hate on my secret tiktok because the bio says I’m fat(I don’t show my face). I also have a Dr’s appointment today which is a thing that is happening and my Dr is fatphobic and I’ve been dealing with some stuff from family too. It’s a lot to be a fat person existing, y’all.

I’m going to address the one public comment, because this person was proud enough of what they said to not hide it in a DM.


I have chosen to not block this person’s handle because they chose to comment this publicly, and their actual name and information isn’t available on their profile. 

Number 1: hi, how are you? Are you okay? Are you unhappy in your body? Why do you feel the need to attack fat women for existing?

Number 2: I don’t owe you this information but I’m going to share it because it’s applicable. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome(which I am handling, so please do not comment “yoga!” or “essential oils”). Because of this, I gained a huge amount of weight in a very short amount of time(while I was going thru puberty too like RIP) which led to yoyo dieting for YEARS. I love your comment because hitting the gym has nothing to do with weight loss. I actually exercise regularly, thank you. PCOS also makes it extremely hard to lose weight, if that was even what I wanted(it isn’t) Anyway, fuck you. This comment did not make me magically not a fat person anymore, SORRY. It actually made a very depressive episode I was dealing with a lot worse, and I slept from 6pm to 7:15am. I also have disordered eating(just because I’m fat doesn’t mean that it’s binging tho!) where I’ve starved myself before during a depressive episode and didn’t eat for 2.5 days. You don’t know anything about me just because you’ve seen my body. 

I also would like to address a duet of my friend’s tiktok video that HAS YET TO BE TAKEN DOWN that is a literal death threat to her. Because she is fat and she chose to speak out. okay, first: go to tiktok, find ethanenglish and REPORT HIS ACCOUNT. over 100 people have reported him, including VERIFIED TIKTOKERS and people with over 1M followers and tiktok has DONE NOTHING. This duet is why this post is titled what it is. I’ve seen duets like this going around. Threatening death to those in minority communities like gay, Black, fat, etc. So what is it, internet, about a fat girl celebrating and loving herself that you feel so threatened by? Are you truly that insecure? That a thing like this that DOESN’T AFFECT YOU makes you so angry?

I am done. I am done with not speaking out because of other people. I am done with not showing my body on the internet because my rolls and stretch marks and cellulite and FAT STOMACH might offend someone. I try to be so goddamn respectful on the internet, but I am done. I’m still a hufflepuff so I’ll probably still be nice but GODDAMN I BOUGHT A TWO PIECE AND I KIND OF WANT THE INTERNET TO SEE THAT CHARACTER GROWTH IN ME!!

This post is a bit all over the place. But. I gave an explanation because I felt like I had to. Now I’m going explain why that is screwed up.

fat people do not owe you an explanation for you to afford them basic human respect.

fat people do not owe you healthy eating for you to afford them basic human respect.

fat people do not owe you working out for you to afford them basic human respect.


fat people do not owe you an explanation for them LOVING THEMSELVES.

Sit down. You look like an idiot.

I was going to apologize for this post and my anger but I’m not going to. I am not sorry for existing and taking up space.

That’s it. That’s the blog post.

Book Review: Crown of Oblivion



Astrid is the surrogate for Princess Renya, which means she bears the physical punishment if Renya steps out of line. Astrid has no choice—she and her family are Outsiders, the lower class of people without magic and without citizenship.

But there is a way out of this life—competing in the deadly Race of Oblivion. To enter the race, an Outsider is administered the drug Oblivion, which wipes their memory clear of their past as they enter a new world with nothing to help them but a slip of paper bearing their name and the first clue. It’s not as simple as solving a puzzle, however—for a majority of the contestants, the race ends in death. But winning would mean not only freedom for Astrid, but citizenship and health care for her entire family. With a dying father to think of, Astrid is desperate to prevail.

From the beginning, the race is filled with twists and turns. One of them is Darius, a fellow racer Astrid meets but isn’t sure she can trust. Though they team up in the race, as Astrid’s memories begin to resurface, she remembers just who he was to her—a scorned foe who may want revenge. Astrid also starts to notice she has powers no Outsider should—which could help her win the race, but also make her a target if anyone finds out. With stakes that couldn’t be higher, Astrid must decide what is more important: risking her life to remember the mysteries of the past, or playing a cutthroat game in order to win her—and her family’s—freedom.


I have some issues with this book. Okay, fine. I have a lot of issues with this book. I have many thoughts. Many, many thoughts.

This book had a lot going for it. I liked the concept(anyone else watch Prince Brat and The Whipping Boy over and over as a kid??) I think this book had a bunch of incredible parts. For instance, the race where you take a memory erasing drug to participate? That’s super cool. The whole race, actually, felt very Hunger Games-y in a good way. It was very reminiscent of that for me. The characters were well built and rounded for the most part. The emotion was there. The magic system had incredible… potential? I feel like this book had really good potential. But in the end, when it’s all supposed to come together in a cohesive, book-like way, I feel as thought it just fell short of the mark.

We spend much of this book confused. And at first, that’s fine. It’s cool. But then it continues. And the nuggets of information to sort things out are too far buried or maybe I’m too tired. Even as things start happening, we’re confused. Or at least I was. And I think a lot of that comes down to the cohesiveness of the story. It feels more like an outline than a book. It lacks that oomph–that depth that it needs. Things happen but it feels lackluster.

Maybe this is just because I’m a little depressed rn from life. All my problems with this book could be due to my personal circumstances.

But also, from that same standpoint, it doesn’t change the fact that the magic system is wildly undeveloped. First, I somehow missed it being introduced. I thought that Cientia was like Astrid’s pet or something? And then once I realized it was magic, it was never fully explained. It was used and I was expected to get what it does. But I cannot remember a single scene where they explained what it does. It just didn’t quite compute. Don’t get me wrong–as a concept, it seems cool(from what I understand, which isn’t a whole lot). But it was underdeveloped and fell flat for me.

Also I feel like Astrid doesn’t do a whole lot? As a person, she’s solid. She’s got drive, man. But in the race, she steals a few things, but hardly any of the clues are solved by her. It’s pure coincidence that she gets through some spots. She is a strong lead and fully capable of making it through the race, which is why it’s so infuriating that she’s not self-reliant.

And in the cacophony of everything I have to complain about, we gotta talk about the ending, y’all. A lot of things happen very fast, and it is so rushed. Things don’t connect well enough, there’s only one kissing scene, and there’s no down time between the ending of the conflict and the ending of the book. Here’s the thing–books aren’t just their conflict. We have characters and worlds and people wondering what happens after. How does the end of the conflict affect our characters? It just wasn’t enough.

There were some things I liked. This section will most likely be short because I’m better at complaining.

I really liked Astrid’s relationship with Reyna. It was so cute and wonderful and a really bright spot in all this!
I liked Darius! There’s clearly a lot there and I wish there had been more of him and Astrid because I truly enjoyed the little bit we did get.
I think that the writing style specifically was well done. While a lot of other aspects of the writing fell short for me, here’s the thing. I kept reading. There were some especially beautifully written passages.

I clearly don’t have a lot of great things to say about this book. It wasn’t for me. Maybe I’m tired and cranky today, so if you want to read it.. As always, these are my opinions. I welcome you to read this book if it sounds like the book for you. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t love it! 🙂


What book have you read before that had a really great concept that just wasn’t executed well? Have you read this book? What did you think?



Book Review: Dangerous Alliance



91r2wgtea7lThe Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue meets Jane Austen in this witty, winking historical romance with a dash of mystery!

Lady Victoria Aston has everything she could want: an older sister happily wed, the future of her family estate secure, and ample opportunity to while her time away in the fields around her home.

But now Vicky must marry—or find herself and her family destitute. Armed only with the wisdom she has gained from her beloved novels by Jane Austen, she enters society’s treacherous season.

Sadly, Miss Austen has little to say about Vicky’s exact circumstances: whether the roguish Mr. Carmichael is indeed a scoundrel, if her former best friend, Tom Sherborne, is out for her dowry or for her heart, or even how to fend off the attentions of the foppish Mr. Silby, he of the unfortunate fashion sensibility.

Most unfortunately of all, Vicky’s books are silent on the topic of the mysterious accidents cropping up around her…ones that could prevent her from surviving until her wedding day. 


This was overall a good book. I really liked it. However, I have some issues. It starts off with a bang, clearly setting up for romance and then that plot thread is almost immediately dropped until later in the books. I would have rather read about just Vicky and Tom than Mr. Silby, and Mr. Carmichael and all those others. Those characters support the plot in the end, but they also annoyed me and distacted precious book time from what was a solid romance.

I think, while I enjoyed the references to Austen and it was really cool to read about someone loving her books while they’re being published and she’s still alive, I feel like we got hit over the head with the references sometimes. Also the romance was a little too Austen-esque. I feel like there could’ve been a little more attraction in the romance?? like Vicki literally spends the scene leading up to a marriage proposal calling said gentleman her “acting brother”. I just wanted a little more from this! We waited and waited and waited for the romance and then it’s not quite what I hoped for. It’s good, don’t get me wrong–but it doesn’t really achieve that resolution I’d like.

I loved Vicky as a character. She is witty and adorable and also woke af. She’s constantly challenging the sexism in her everyday life and I live for that!!! She’s won’t be intimidated out of what she wants and I think that is so refreshing!

This book deals with some darker topics(rape, child abuse, domestic abuse) and I think it is so very well done. The author has clearly done her research on the historical setting and I learned so much about what divorce was like in 1817. (suprise, suprise, it’s sexist!) I think Althea’s trauma was handled very well and it showed how double-sided abusers can be–charming and lovely to strangers, but when you get to know them… I also think that Tom’s trauma handled well, and it really delved into who he is and why he is who he is.

I think this book was really enjoyable to read. It was slightly frustrating at times, and I think that could just be because I’m not the biggest Austen fan(I love the setting and time and the movies but I never had the patience for the books–the style just isn’t my cup of tea). Coming out of this review, you may think I didn’t like the book. That would be wrong. I very much enjoyed it but I’m really good at complaining so the negative sections of the review are longer. This book wasn’t something that blew my mind. But it was solidly written, well researched, and had well built characters.


What’s your favorite Austen adaption?(movies or books!) Have you read this book? What did you think?

Leave a comment below!


Book Review: A Constellation of Roses



edn0mwpu0aevfapEver since her mother walked out, Trix McCabe has been determined to make it on her own. And with her near-magical gift for pulling valuables off unsuspecting strangers, Trix is confident she has what it takes to survive. Until she’s caught and given a choice: jail time, or go live with her long-lost family in the tiny town of Rocksaw, Kansas.

Trix doesn’t plan to stick around Rocksaw long, but there’s something special about her McCabe relatives that she is drawn to. Her aunt, Mia, bakes pies that seem to cure all ills. Her cousin, Ember, can tell a person’s deepest secret with the touch of a hand. And Trix’s great-aunt takes one look at Trix’s palm and tells her that if she doesn’t put down roots somewhere, she won’t have a future anywhere.

Before long, Trix feels like she might finally belong with this special group of women in this tiny town in Kansas. But when her past comes back to haunt her, she’ll have to decide whether to take a chance on this new life . . . or keep running from the one she’s always known.

With lovable and flawed characters, an evocative setting, and friendships to treasure, A Constellation of Roses is the perfect companion to Miranda Asebedo’s debut novel The Deepest Roots.


THIS BOOK IS SO COOL. Miranda Asebedo is so insanely talented. Every page is wholeheartedly atmospheric and innovational.

I’m honestly in shock a little bit. I love this book and it’s hard to explain why. Maybe it’s the way it’s written, the way that the author has with the words. It’s absolutely insane, the amount of writing talent in every page!!

Miranda Asebedo’s books, to me, are the definition of perfectly executed magical realism. The world that she builds in Rocksaw is equally mysterious and magical, and classic, heartfelt small town.

The sheer amount of character growth is astounding. The Trix we see at the end of the book is worlds different from the Trix at the beginning. But unlike some stories with so much character growth, this doesn’t feel forced at all. It just works.

The family aspect of this so good. It combines found family with loving the family you have is the most surprising of ways, and I loved watching Trix fall in love with the McCabes, and the simple unconditional love they gave in return. It’s easily my absolute favorite part of the book, and it plays such a pivotal role in the story.

I feel like Cait from Paper Fury in this moment BUT. We absolutely have to stop and talk about the food. I MAY NEVER STOP CRAVING PIE and it is absolutely this book’s fault!! I think the main two I’m craving are lemon and blueberry, but this book also mentioned some muffins that in need in my life yesterday?? Let me just say… if they release a sequel that is basically just a cookbook with recipes from this book I would buy that in a millisecond, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I know I’ve discussed the world previously but I would just like to mention that it takes place in KANSAS which is a really easy way to either piss me off or make me unbelievably happy…. I’m unbelievably happy with this book. The setting is perfection and I am not biased at all!! Kansas is such a magical place and it makes me so happy to read magical stories set there. SO HAPPY.

Imma wrap this review up in a hot minute–it’s past my bedtime when I’m writing it. Eventually the melatonin will take my body over and this review will be gibberish.

Things to mention before I go:

Jasper!! I was shocked and touched by his storyline. It was dark at first but the end of it is so bright and it shines a light on mental health issues in a way that you can tell the author understands. She’s not pandering–the gut wrenching battle is true and right.

Magic pies!! That’s all I’m saying at this time.

Ember!! She is the sweetest hufflepuffest human being. She may be my favorite character. Honestly. The way she draws Trix out of her shell and the growth that she has throughout her friendship with Trix is so good.

The writing!! This books is astoundingly, gorgeously, absolutely, wonderfully, beautifully written. Some of the sentences I read like three times because they were so good. It’s prime magical realism writing style, and it’s that kind of writing that makes me… a. Want to cry it’s so good b. Tattoo it on my skin forever c. Paint it all over my apartment walls. Miranda Asebedo has such a talent I can’t even believe. It’s SO GOOD.

OKAY, my eyes are getting blurry and I’m ready for sleep. I have to work in the morning!! No book hangovers allowed. In all: this book is great. It made me cry like 3 times, it has good food and takes place in Kansas!!

CW: child abuse, foster care, death of a parent, death of a sibling, underage drinking, addiction, suicide(method not discussed), depression, suicidal ideation, drug addiction (I listed all that I can remember. If you know of more, comment them or shoot me a message or email or shout at me in the streets and I’ll add them!)


What book have you read that is just absolutely magical? Have you read A Constellation of Roses? If so, what did you think?

Leave a comment below!


Ways to Support Local or Not Local Small Businesses Safely


Small businesses.

I’ve grown up in many places, including small towns where small businesses are the breath and lifeblood of the town. And in this time we’re in, they’re suffering. A quick scan through my local headlines, and I see small businesses reaching out and pouring into their communities right now. But is their community pouring into them?

I shared a little bit on my personal facebook about supporting small businesses right now more than ever, and got some mixed feedback. A lot of people are worried about how they can self isolate and continue supporting small businesses. So I thought I’d share some ways here, so that we can sustain the businesses we love.


Gift Cards

A lot of people are not comfortable with consuming food or drinks right now for a variety of reasons, from stress over cleanliness to just plain old caution. A great way to still support businesses is to buy a gift card. Research your local places–many of the ones near me offer an online way to buy gift cards, or you can sanitize well, and publicly practice social distancing, and go into the business to purchase a physical card. My recommendations for this: wipe down the card once you receive it. If you are worried about sanitation (!!be nice about this!!) but you can kindly request for the counters and surfaces you will be using to be wiped down. Also; pay with a card. Cash is so dirty and now more than ever it’s just not a sanitary method of payment.

Carry Out and Delivery

Dine in services are very limited right now, and for good reason. BUT! If you are feeling comfortable consuming food and drinks from small businesses, so many are offering carry out or curbside pickup right now. Do your research, and support them! Another option, is delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, and GrubHub! A lot of small businesses aren’t included on these platforms, but some are. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s worth a try!

Shop Small When Possible!

While the recommendation is to stay home, if you need essential groceries, toiletries, and products to get you through this, consider (if financially viable for your situation) shopping at a local, smaller grocery store over Walmart or Target! Fun fact: When I needed toilet paper, I went to several big stores but actually ended up finding some at a small grocery store that I wouldn’t have shopped at otherwise! Also consider supporting your local bookstores over amazon. Amazon actually isn’t even shipping out books right now. I would mix it up with book buying, because local bookshops are suffering, but so is Barnes and Noble, and other more mainstream book stores!

Donate, donate, donate!

In my town, several of the small businesses are non profits. They have ways to donate other than shopping! If you can afford it, donate some money. Even the littlest bit helps. I would also look to see if they participate in the Amazon Smile program and if you plan on shopping on Amazon during all this, you can support them through that!


While you may not be able to financially support small businesses (and that’s okay! It’s a hard financial time for us all), follow them on instagram, facebook, and twitter. Share what they’re doing right now to try and get through this time, and recommend them to people by word of mouth! We can help them get through this ❤️


Be safe. Wash your hands. Stay home as much as possible.


What are some creative ways you’ve seen others support small businesses? What have you been able to do to help out?


Hey, y’all. How are you all doing this week? I know there’s a lot of stress and anxiety going around. Speaking of stress and anxiety, there will be no Whatever Wednesday or Feedback Friday posts this week. I have a math test tomorrow and haven’t had time to read or write anything. I love you all!

Book Review: the Betrothed




When King Jameson declares his love for Lady Hollis Brite, Hollis is shocked—and thrilled. After all, she’s grown up at Keresken Castle, vying for the king’s attention alongside other daughters of the nobility. Capturing his heart is a dream come true.

But Hollis soon realizes that falling in love with a king and being crowned queen may not be the happily ever after she thought it would be. And when she meets a commoner with the mysterious power to see right into her heart, she finds that the future she really wants is one that she never thought to imagine. 


I… I’m a little lost for words. This book is gorgeously written. I may be late for something because I’m choosing to write this review in 7 minutes but I need to write it while my emotions are still raw!!

This book is a work of art. The descriptions and the world and the characters, everything is so astoundingly good. It’s…. I can’t even come up with words y’all.

The stakes are built to be so high, and for a minute it seemed like the plot would go the way of every YA out there similar to this. But I loved Jameson as a character. He had his faults but I think the way he dealt with specific events in the book was just  great. He was mature, and he just handled it so well.

I did not like Delia Grace at all, but I don’t think I was supposed to love her? She’s okay in the end, like I didn’t hate her, but she’s a complicated cookie.

The romance. THE ROMANCE. It’s sweet and delightful and Silas is so respectful and wonderful and amazing. I think Kiera Cass really has such a handle on how to write romance. And you can tell how she’s grown too, since the Selection series, or even the OG version of the Siren. It’s really satisfying to watch an author grow, especially when they start out great. It’ s so cool to watch them get great(er).

This book has one of my (maybe) favorite love triangles of all time. Okay, so; we’ve seen Kiera Cass write love triangles before. She’s got some talent. But with this one she just hits it out of the park. I love it so much. it’s hard to say much about it without spoilers, but I feel like everyone in the triangle acted with maturity and understanding and Hollis ended up with who was best for her and all parties involved were okay!! with!! that!!

The sheer amount of growth we see in Hollis over the course of the book is astounding. She is forced to grow up very, very quick, as she reaches a turning point that determines the rest of her life. We see her mature and deal with some really hard shit. (the whole contract scene?? dang.) As a character, she is just stunningly portrayed, with faults and mistakes but she is perfectly human and feels absolutely real.

I loved the family dynamics. Hollis does not have a great relationship with her parents but the Eastoffe family welcomes her with open arms and open hearts. I love the dynamics between all of the members of the family, the sibling relationships, and all the love. It’s so wonderful to read!

I am going to say, here at the end, that the ending of this book absolutely GUTTED me and I am going to be waiting for the sequel and maybe breaking into a publishing office or two to get it. I need it. thanks. A’IGHT IMMA GO CRY NOW.


Have you read Kiera Cass’s previous books? If not, what’s your favorite romance that you’ve read recently? What’s your favorite love triangle?

leave a comment below!

I answered your burning… search terms?


So last year, on my WordPress dashboard, I started seeing y’all’s search terms. AKA: what people google before subsequently finding my blog. I LOVE THIS. It’s really cool? It shows me what y’all like and sometimes what questions I should be covering! So this week, we’re going to go through my 2019 search terms, and I’m going to answer them. This sounded really fun to me, so hopefully y’all love it!

DISCLAIMER: I love you all. I in no way mean to mock or disrespect any of you with this post. I may attempt to put a humorous spin on some of these, but I am not very funny so that may not work.  I also will not feature every single search term, because it’s a years worth and that’s a lot. 


edelweiss book reviews 

This one was my most searched. Apparently my past of writing many, slightly sarcastic, really long posts about how to use edelweiss has caught up with me. Or maybe it never left. Who knows? I’ve written at least 3 posts about edelweiss over the years, my most recent one can be found here. That one is about the same age as a two year old toddler. If you would like a new one, LET ME KNOW. I can make it work. Also if you have questions about edelweiss, I can make a FAQ or a Q&A post about it. Avalinah’s Books also has SO MANY good posts about Edelweiss, Netgalley, and everything to do with everything important.


Oh hey there! This isn’t amazon. My blog isn’t quite so fun. Amazon is a wonderful place that’s part magical and part… how do they do everything, is there something shady I need to know. You can get to amazon here: amazon.com . I do post reviews over there sometimes and I am pretty magical so I understand the confusion!

how long for drc to be approved on edelweiss

This one is actually a question so I can try my best to answer it! With edelweiss approvals it truly depends on the publisher. With HarperCollins, when I first started requesting, it was several weeks before I would hear back. Now, it can be less than an hour to a couple of weeks. Some publishers just don’t get back to reject or approve your request. It’s a waiting game. I would advise to just be patient, and if it doesn’t work out, just keep trying!

the light between worlds ending

everybody lives happily ever after and meets a unicorn boy band and they sing I want it that way Brooklyn Nine Nine style (jk, I don’t do spoilers) (tho I would read this)

how to download from edelwiess to my ipad

Get the kindle app! Once you get the kindle app and login with your amazon account you can go to Manage Content and Devices > Devices and you will find a list of all your devices and their kindle email address. Put that email address into Edelweiss and then when you hit download it’ll give you the option of sending the DRC to that kindle email!

the summer of broken things summary

this book is fatphobic af. there’s a summary

what am i supposed to say as my reason for requesting a review copy on edelweiss

I like this question! I makes me feel like I know things! I like to customize each reason for each book, but I keep to a certain “script”. If it’s a book by someone who I’ve reviewed their books before, I mention how much I loved the author’s previous books and link to my review. If it’s not, go short and sweet. Most of the information that a publisher needs they’ll get from your profile. Don’t write a novel here about your views and your following. This section is about the book. Draw out a specific thing from the synopsis you liked, and end with “I’d love a chance to read and review this book”. I ALWAYS end with this. I throw in chance because otherwise I sound entitled, and this is what I go by. End result usually looks something like this: This book sounds so good. I’m always a huge fan of books with an enemies to lovers storyline, so it’s a match made in heaven! I would love a chance to read and review this book. This is what I do. It’s in no way a guarantee of approval, but it is what works for me.

charlie holmberg interview

I did review Charlie Holmberg!! It’s slightly a big deal because she’s slightly a big deal and it was a lot of fun! You can find the interview here.


say that three times and I will magically appear, I swear.

what is edelweiss books

who knows, tbh. magical land? hell? heaven? depends on who you ask.

everless: evermore

I have actually reviewed both of these books! I hope whoever searched this was able to track those down. You can find my reviews here(Everless) and here(Evermore). I will caution that my Evermore review does contain spoilers for Everless because it is a sequel! Beware.

soft boy books

I received several differently worded searches for this and honestly?? thank you! I love soft boys and I love recommending books! I actually have a post full of recommentions that you can find here. If you would like me to make a new one, let me know! They’re lots of fun.


I think soft boy books is the perfect one to end on, so let me know if you want to see more posts like this. It was so fun and indulged my weird creeper/stat nerd urges!


Book Review: House of Salt and Sorrows



a1hy7q3sjzlIn a manor by the sea, twelve sisters are cursed.

Annaleigh lives a sheltered life at Highmoor, a manor by the sea, with her sisters, their father, and stepmother. Once they were twelve, but loneliness fills the grand halls now that four of the girls’ lives have been cut short. Each death was more tragic than the last—the plague, a plummeting fall, a drowning, a slippery plunge—and there are whispers throughout the surrounding villages that the family is cursed by the gods.

Disturbed by a series of ghostly visions, Annaleigh becomes increasingly suspicious that the deaths were no accidents. Her sisters have been sneaking out every night to attend glittering balls, dancing until dawn in silk gowns and shimmering slippers, and Annaleigh isn’t sure whether to try to stop them or to join their forbidden trysts. Because who—or what—are they really dancing with?

When Annaleigh’s involvement with a mysterious stranger who has secrets of his own intensifies, it’s a race to unravel the darkness that has fallen over her family—before it claims her next.


Oof y’all this book was AMAZING. It’s DARK as heck, and messes with your mind like crazy but DANG! It’s gorgeously written. Im honestly speechless?? A little bit scared?? But also it was just so good.
Basically this book is a super dark retelling of the twelve dancing princesses set in a fantasy country steeped in mythology about twelve sisters who are dying one at a time.
I honestly can’t even word things right now? Like I can’t even figure out words to describe how gosh dang GOOD this book is.
Okay we’re going to break this down so I can describe how great things were. Get ready for me to probably switch between the same 5 words to describe everything and also a fair amount of flailing.
this book is written like a mystery, ghost story, fantasy, horror, murdery all in one. It’s thrilling to read, and builds so well into a crescendo that is so twisty you don’t even know what to think. There are some seriously trippy parts and it’s amazing. My head kind of hurts and it was confusing at parts but like that’s part of the charm. I’m still not sure exactly what happened haha. (jk. maybe,) it’s just SO GOOD y’all. Like a Quality™️ book. Oof.
this also has a romance which is just really great. I didn’t like Cassius at first because he sort of felt like every other YA boy love interest but he really grew into something more than just a YA boy I’d read a million times before. I adored the relationship and cried a little bit too, not gonna lie.
I adored the family aspects of this. The relationships between the sisters, the grief poured out on the pages, and the connection they all shared. Each sister felt different, not like copies of each other. They really lit up the story, rather than just being the same girl 8 times like some stories with lots of sisters can be.
I can’t really describe how great this is. It gets real dark at times, fair warning, and you probably shouldn’t read it if you’re not in a great head space because it kind of messes with your mind. But I think it wraps up really well. Without the ending it has I think it would just be a “what the frick” kind of book. It adds the resolution that is so desperately needed. So. To sum up: this book is great. Also kind of terrifying. But there’s a cute boy and not everyone dies. I really liked it.

four point fove

Have you read this book??? If not, what’s the darkest, twistiest book you’ve read recently??


guilt has no place in reading – another messy post, but you’re still here, so let’s go


Guilt plays a strangely central role in both our physical and online reading world. Ever heard of “guilty pleasure books”?

I’ve been doing a hella big overhaul of my reading life, my regular life, and my online life and realizing that guilt has no fricking place in reading.

I freaking love romance. But I feel pushed to read books with “plot” and “substance” and the shame that circles around people enjoying romance novels is real and it’s ridiculous. Growing up, when I got really into romance novels, both in reading and writing, it was something I hid. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS BY THE WAY.

You should never




be ashamed of something you love. ESPECIALLY READING. People complain about people not reading real books when it comes to romance readers, but last I checked romance books had a storyline, pages, and words, so how are they not “real books”? Elitist behavior is rampant in the book world and it is ridiculous.

Sometimes I won’t review a book because it’s a romance and beyond the romance there wasn’t much plot. But isn’t it okay for the romance to be the plot?

This post is another messy one. I know. But I’ve just been reflecting on the things in my life that give me joy and y’all, I love romance books. I’ve been texting with people lately and if I’m reading a romance book and they ask what I’m reading I’ll say “oh, I can’t remember”. NO. You know what? It’s not okay to feel shame about reading what you love.

And this shame and guilt isn’t just limited to the readers of romance books. It’s directed towards readers of indie books, or readers who read on Wattpad, or tumblr, or readers who love audiobooks, or who love ebooks, or who love twilight. It’s there and it’s ridiculous.

I’m coming to love myself and who I am more and more and part of who I am is the things I love. When shame and guilt come into reading, especially when people are being shamed and guilted for the things they love, then they begin to hide that part of themselves instead of celebrating the things they love. SO. I’m going to start sharing more about the romance books I love. I will no longer be using the phrase “guilty pleasure books” in reference to books I love, and I will be unashamedly myself.

You don’t need to feel guilty for what you love. You are enough and what you love is who you are and who you are is amazing. Love others and love yourself. xoxo.

comment prompt: what’s the most ridiculous thing someone has said to you to infer shame or guilt upon your reading tastes??