My Top Five Book Ideas

Hey everyone! While this blog is still mainly about reading, I do think that other things I love to do can have a place here too. Some of you may know that along with reading, school, life and other things I try to write. I’ve been a writer for a long time so I thought I could share that aspect of my life with y’all. As a little intro to my writing and ideas, I thought I’d share my top five book ideas, in order of what priority they are in my writing plans.

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Chasing the Stars

This book is one of my most special and favorite book babies. I’ve been through a lot with it and I’ve almost trashed it so many times but it just feels like… the one? Book-wise, of course. I’m not marrying my book baby 😛 For your special viewing pleasure, I’ve written up a blurb to give you a taste of it.

Mothers and daughters fight all the time. Carol Worthington deals with it like any sane person. She ships her daughter to boarding school in Canada and elopes with her secret boyfriend. Because that’s normal (therapy, anyone?).

Elise Worthington thought the worst that would come of their spats was therapy. Instead she finds herself in a strange country in a strange school, surrounded by strange people. Like any sane person, she responds to this by running. But after meeting Joshua Aberdeen, she decides maybe Hazel, Canada is worth a try.

Chasing the Stars is the story of first love, heartbreak, and maybe, if they play the cards right, a happy ending.

This blurb is a little rough, so I apologize, but I’m really passionate about this story and what it can become. I’m currently working on just vomiting the story out and editing and polishing it later. For a long time I concentrated on making it all perfect but after an 18 month sabbatical I realized I just need to get it all out and I can change what I don’t like later. I realize all of you probably knew that already but I think it was much more helpful when I learned it by myself.

STATUS: Writing


A Lineage of Blood

This idea came to me because I’ve always loved gladiator books, and been intrigued by a sport which celebrates brutality and violence. I’ve always wanted to put my own spin on it, and one day I thought; What if the gladiators forced to fight had physical disabilities and superpowers? As you can imagine, I’m a strange person. I struggled for awhile because I want to write in a way that doesn’t shame those with physical disabilities so I added a tyrannical Emperor who forces them to fight. As you may know, some gladiators in Ancient Rome would fight of their own free will, so in that respect I’ve changed it. I wasn’t actually sure who the main character would be in this book. Usually, it’s the characters that come to me first. I knew I’d have a gladiator as one of the main characters, but I also really wanted to feature a platonic best friendship between the boy MC and a girl MC. I had a different story idea in the back of my head for the daughter of an Emperor who, rather than just getting the throne, has to survive to get it (let me be clear, I had this idea before I ever read Three Dark Crowns. While there are a few similarities, I promise this book isn’t quite as amazing as Kendare Blake’s). The basics of that idea was that the girl would have to fight, and maybe kill, her bloodthirsty sisters to keep the throne. I ended up combining these two stories and I’m pretty psyched to finish writing it. While this whole section gives you an idea of the story, I thought I would still give you guys a blurb because I want to be fair 🙂

Athena was born an Empree, destined for a pompous life and glitz with a razor-sharp twist. If she can survive until her eighteenth birthday, she’ll become the Emperor’s heir. But violence turns her stomach and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to fight off her sisters.

Titus was born to a family that was praying desperately for a girl. His gimp arm and telekinesis makes him a Cursed boy, and he’s forced to live out each year of his life in a different city, hiding behind the lies of his parents. But they can’t hide forever. In his seventeenth year, a stupid choice gets him captured and forced to live and fight for his life in the Arena, a bloody and brutal place where Cursed boys are forced to use their special skills to fight as gladiators—and kill.

When Titus and Athena meet, he tries to kill her. She doesn’t fight back. They begin to talk, and a friendship forms, one that could get them killed but might also save them.

Set in a rich fantasy world steeped in the mythology and infrastructure of ancient Rome, this unlikely friendship burns bright in a time when no one is to be trusted.

STATUS: kind of writing, kind of plotting


The Thousand Year War

This book actually started out as a writing exercise. I wanted to get better at writing battle scenes and when I sat down to test-write one, this idea popped into my head. A war that’s gone on so long that both sides have forgotten what they’re fighting over. A girl who dreams about a handsome soldier and the horrors of the war. I was so intrigued by the idea that I immediately wrote it down and made collages and wrote a blurb. Oh, speaking of blurbs…

A war without end.

A sheltered girl.

and dreams that shatter her reality.

Marie lives in the protected North and has never had to deal with the violence and harsh reality of the Thousand-Year War. Until on her eighteenth birthday, she starts having dreams of a young soldier in the War. Dreams that are very violent and very, very real. They open her eyes to the reality of the world around her and how her family lives, safe and without a care for the soldiers who die every single day.

Marie begins to search the archives of history in her family’s library and finds a loophole—a way to end the war once and for all. However, before she can step in and stop the war she must get past her parents, who have never really cared, the world, which has been against her opinion as a woman since the beginning, and the greedy people who don’t want the war to end.

STATUS: Plotting. Planning. No writing yet.


The Ravenmaster’s Apprentice

This story was my NaNoWriMo 2015 story, and while I reached wordcount on it, I definitely felt like the ending was completely rushed and I’ve been aching to go back and fix it. It’s an alternate history novel, and I got the idea in a brainstorming session. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a bittersweet love story that I cried while writing. Also, blurb:

A greedy prince

The girl meant to be queen

A Ravenmaster’s apprentice

For the first fourteen years of her life, Annette was raised in an abbey just outside of Winchester, England. The only person who could have represented a father to her was King Richard.

Annette is seventeen now, and he’s dead. Annette was supposed to be his heir, until the greedy Prince John exiled her to the holiday palace, Ravensmaw, and took her crown. She has eight months to undermine his plans, before he is crowned England’s king. But what can she do, a girl without even ten people dedicated to her cause?

Annette’s plans are turned on their head when Prince John decrees for her to marry the abusive, obese Lord Thomas Quentin. Especially when she has just begun to love the Ravenmaster’s apprentice that made her feel like living.

STATUS: Written, ready to be revised.


The Chronicles of Alleure

This is an unfinished series. The first book was the second book I ever wrote, and my first NaNoWriMo project. It’s definitely a rough, rough draft, but I put a lot of work into this series. There’s four(????) books so far, and I fell into a lot of tropes and cliches with it, but I’ve figured out how I’m going to fix it. Because these books have been on the project shelf so long, I actually don’t have a synopsis for any of them #professional

STATUS: 4/5 books written. In desperate need of HEAVY revisions.

Well, if you’re still here, YAY! Let me know below whether you enjoyed this, if I should post about writing more often, and (if you’re a writer) what you’re working on!


2 thoughts on “My Top Five Book Ideas”

  1. That’s awesome that you’ve written so many books and love them so much!! Honestly when I write a book that completely catches my heart and soul, I don’t even care if it’s a complete mess, too…I just want to make it good enough someday!😂 Editing is kind of hellish however haha. But good luck with the rewrites and everything! Your titles are amazing. 😍

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